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Alabama Fitness Assessment
Alabama Fitness Assessment

Alabama Fitness Assessment chart for scoring
Alabama Fitness Assessment chart for scoring

PE Central
PE Central

Beginning of the Year Rules and Contact Information
Beginning of the Year Rules and Contact Information

P.E. for Kids

        Exercise is essential to children’s health to help improve brain function as well as their physical well-being. We encourage our students to develop healthy habits that will last a lifetime.

          Tennis shoes are REQUIRED for P.E. This is a county policy to ensure safety and enhance performance.

**Girls need to wear shorts under their skirt or dress.

        If your child cannot participate in P.E. because of sickness or an injury, a written note signed by the parent or guardian is required.  If a student cannot participate for more than 3 days (example: broken arm), a DOCTOR’S EXCUSE is required (county policy).


We expect all students to follow our class rules:

*Choose to have a good attitude!

*Have fun without misbehaving!

*Stay in a quiet and orderly line going to and from P.E. class.

*Be nice- show good sportsmanship and be respectful to teachers and other students. *Keep your hands and feet to yourself.

*Get permission to use the water fountain and/or bathroom. (Due to P.E. class sizes of 100+ students and only having one water fountain, classroom teachers are responsible for taking their students before and/or after P.E. If the activity for the day is the mile walk/jog, the students are allowed to use the gym water fountain.)

*Be safe- don’t pick up/throw rocks, sticks, or dirt

*Keep breathing- don’t chew gum, eat candy or cough drops during P.E.  It is a choking hazard.

*Take care of equipment.  Put everything back where it belongs when you are finished using it.

*Obey safety rules and playground rules.


          If a student chooses NOT to follow the class rules, he/she will be given a sad face which will result in a time out during P.E. class.  If a child receives 2 sad faces, a note will be sent home to be signed and returned the next school day.  If a student does not put forth any effort or does not participate 3 days during a 9 weeks period, a note will be sent home.  Grades for participation are S- Satisfactory, N- Needs Improvement, and U-Unsatisfactory. 

Students are graded on their PARTICIPATION AND EFFORT, NOT on their ability.  The Alabama Fitness Assessment is required for all students (2nd-4th grade) to take in the Fall and Spring.  During this assessment the students will be tested on push-ups, curl-ups, v-sit, and the mile.                                                                                      

Their scores Will Not be counted toward their P.E. grade, but will be reported in INOW to the Alabama State Physical Education Department. 


We want to keep the kids movin’ and groovin’ for a healthier life!

          We look forward to a GREAT school year!

Mrs. Adams, Mrs. Sullivan, and Mrs. Lisa

P.E. Instructors


Please fill out and return the following form as soon as possible.


EES Physical Education Form

(Please Print)

Student’s name (please indicate which name they prefer)


Last                                  First                          Middle


Homeroom Teacher___________________________Grade_________________


Parent’s or Guardian’s Name_________________________________________


Email Address______________________________________________________


Home Phone______________Cell Phone_______________Work____________


**Please notify the SCHOOL NURSE if your child has a medical diagnosis/condition that would affect his/her participation in P.E.

**I have read and gone over these P.E. rules and requirements with my child.


PARENT’S SIGNATURE________________________________________________