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Patty Gantt Staff Photo

Supply List 


PLEASE ONLY PUT NAME ON : scissors, markers, colored pencils, pencil pouch, and bookbag. Do not put paper in folders, please.

ITEMS WITH  * ARE MOST NEEDED. Other items may be sent later.

General Supply List

*2 1-inch three-ring binder with clearview front/back pockets

*1 pkg clear plastic sheet protectors

*3 wireless composition books (no names on books)

*2 packs 24 pencils (good brands don't sharpen easily)

*1 pack pencil-top erasers (endcap kind)

*2 bottles white liquid glue

*1 pair scissors

*4 packs 24-count crayons

*large zipper pencil pouch (no boxes please)

*3 rolls paper towels

*3 boxes facial tissues

*2 bottles Germ-X

*1 gallon/1 quart freezer bags

*1 can disinfectant spray

*1 container baby wipes

1 Crayola watercolor paint set

1 ream white paper

1 ream colored paper (NOT cardstock)


Ms. Gantt's Supply List

*4-pack Hghilighters (large type)

*3 plastic folders (3-prong/2 pocket), yellow, green 

* markers (not pencil size)

*Crayola colored pencils (store brand won't sharpen)

*1 pkg blue ink pens

2 black Sharpie markers (reg. fine point or ultra fine point)


Classroom Wish List

*4 pack dry-erase markers

*colored copy paper, any color


dust-free chalk

gel pens

Post-It Notes (store brand)  

Any cleaning supplies (store brands: Handi-wipes,409,Windex,Mr. Clean, dish soap, shaving cream, Carpet Fresh,etc.)