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Life's Classroom  


Life's Classroom

We took you down to school today,

You're just beginning now;

Although this year you're five years old,

You seem so young somehow!

We didn't take you all the way,

For we'd been told before,

"Don't go into his room with him,

Just leave him at the door."

Up to this time we've always gone

Together everywhere,

And we have had a lot of fun

While traveling here and there;

But I well knew before it came,

We're parted more and more

So many times we'll stand outside

And leave you at the door.

You're growing up so very fast

It's hard to keep in step;

The fact of changing years is hard

For parents to accept.

You'll have to walk your path alone

No matter what's in store;

We'll bring you up to life's classroom,

Then leave you at the door.