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Fourth Grade Supply List
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Friday, May 25, 2018
4th Grade Supply List
4th Grade Supply List



Eclectic Elementary School


4th Grade Supply List








Paper towels- 6 rolls


Clorox wipes- 3 containers


Scissors- 1


Highlighters- 2


Pencils (NO decorative pencils)


Hand sanitizer-2




Gallon, quart, or sandwich Ziploc bags


Crayons, or colored pencils-2


Loose leaf paper (wide ruled) - 5 packs


Dry-erase markers (broad tip) -2 packs black


1 inch, 3 prong binder with pockets (no trapper keepers)


Tab dividers with pockets-5


Plastic folders (pockets & prongs) - 3


Clip board


Ream of white paper-2


Ream of colored copy paper-1


Composition notebook- 3


Stick glue-4


Pencil sharpener with cap


Zipper pouch


Book bag (no wheels)






Wish list- magic erasers, expo erasers, cap erasers, stickers,  sharpies, masking tape, hand soap, lysol spray


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